Orlando Fraud Lawyer

Fraud Charge Defense

The O'Mara Law Group handles these cases with hard work and diligent preparation. He has been defending people in Orlando since 1982. When you chose The O'Mara Law Group to defend you, we will make every effort to protect your future from the impact of fraud charges.

The Experience to Handle Criminal Fraud Cases


The O'Mara Law Group understands how devastating fraud charges can be, and he will put his 31 years of experience to use in defending your rights and reputation. Having this seasoned trial representation on your side is crucial, as a conviction could effectively end your career and land you in jail.


The O'Mara Law Group provides a skilled defense against fraud and related charges such as:


  • Embezzlement charges
  • Mail fraud charges
  • Elderly fraud charges
  • Identity theft charges
  • Mortgage fraud charges
  • Healthcare fraud charges

Get the O'Mara Law Group On Your Side

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