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Managing Evidence for Internet Crime Charges

The ability to manage and interpret sophisticated, technological evidence is a key aspect of Internet fraud and other computer crime cases. The O’Mara Law Group understands the importance of working with experts to gather and analyze facts in these complex cases. We also know how to incorporate the information we find into a strong legal strategy that is dedicated to keeping your future free of the repercussions of a criminal conviction.


The O’Mara Law Group is available to defend you against any Internet crimes or computer fraud misdemeanor or felony charges in state or federal court, including:

  • Identity theft charges
  • Credit card theft charges
  • Phishing charges
  • Fake website charges
  • Fraudulent business solicitation
  • Email fraud
  • Computer network hacking
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Child pornography charges (sale, distribution, possession, creation)



It is important for you to understand your case. At the very start, The O’Mara Law Group will provide you with a straightforward assessment of your Internet fraud or computer crime charge. We will outline your choices, explain the steps involved and give you honest information about the possible outcomes.


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