The O'Mara Law Group Visiting Lecturer Program

Generating Revenue from a Mark O’Mara Speaking Event

We have developed a program that helps law schools not only afford Mr. O’Mara’s speaking fee -- but even generate potential revenue while maximizing the benefits of his visit.


The foundation of the program is offering CLE credits to local lawyers. During a typical visit, Mr. O’Mara is able to present one to four hours of CLE credits, and the hosting organization can charge an average of $200.00-300.00 for the seminar. Offering such a seminar with even 50 participants can generate significant revenue. Moreover, with the proper equipment, some organizations are able to host webinar CLE presentations and generate even more.


Additionally, organizations can choose to host a VIP cocktail hour and/or a dinner where participants can get one-on-one time with Mark O’Mara and take advantage of some exclusive networking time with other guests.


Value to Faculty and Students

Beyond revenue generation opportunities, Mark is prepared to offer value-added experiences for your faculty, and your students. Here are some ideas:


  • Consider using Mark as a guest lecturer for a key class.
  • Hold a general session assembly for faculty and students.
  • Host a panel discussion on race and justice, or guns and self-defense, or the media’s role in justice, and more.
  • Let Mark preside over a mock-trial.
  • Record an interview between Mark and key faculty.


When Mark travels as a visiting lecturer, he gives 100%. He is open to participating in virtually any project that lends to furthering the education of the faculty and the students or that involves a thoughtful exploration of legal issues and issues involving race, guns, self-defense, the media, and the criminal justice system. He is ready to work from the moment he steps on campus to the moment he leaves for the airport.



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