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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Daytona Beach Mail Fraud Lawyer

Daytona Beach Mail Fraud Lawyer

You may not realize that the simple act of applying postage and dropping an item with the US Post Office could lead to criminal charges. However, intentionally disrupting the mail for unlawful purposes is a very serious federal offense that is always charged as a felony. The US statute on mail fraud imposes harsh penalties, including jail time, fines, and restitution. Your situation may look grim if you were arrested for violating the laws, but it is always important to remember that there are still many opportunities through the criminal process to fight the charges.

At the O’Mara Law Group, a primary focus of our firm is defending clients in all types of criminal fraud cases, including allegations of illegal use of the US Postal system. Our Daytona Beach mail fraud lawyers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the laws, enabling us to develop solid strategies for fighting the charges. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and read on for an overview of the laws.

Prosecutor’s Burden in a Mail Fraud Case

Whenever you use the mail or a private carrier interstate for purposes of deception, you could be charged with mail fraud. The most common form is the use of false pretenses to obtain money or something of value, but it is also unlawful to employ a mail service to sell or distribute counterfeit items. As such, a prosecutor must prove two essential elements:

  1. The suspect made false or misleading statements as part of a scheme to defraud; and
  2. The person used the mail in some way to execute the scheme, whether for communication, sending a contract, making an offer, or other purpose.

Mail fraud cases are unique in that you could be the subject of a probe for some time, without knowing it and before being charged. As such, retaining a Daytona Beach mail fraud lawyer is critical from the moment you believe you are under investigation.

Legal Help is Crucial for Your Defense

The penalties for a conviction on mail fraud charges are steep, including a maximum of 20 years in prison. If the scheme to defraud impacts a financial institution, the punishment is enhanced to 30 years’ incarceration. The O’Mara Law Group is dedicated to avoiding these harsh results and achieving the best possible outcome. Our tasks for defending your rights may include:

  • Representing you at arraignment to handle bond and your release pending trial;
  • Raising motions to advance your position, including a motion to exclude unlawfully obtained evidence and motion to dismiss the charges;
  • Discussing a plea bargain with the prosecutor; and
  • Advocating on your behalf at trial.

Trust a Daytona Beach Mail Fraud Lawyer to Defend Your Rights

After reviewing some background information on mail fraud charges and potential defenses, you can see how retaining skilled representation is a priority. For more information, please contact the O’Mara Law Group to speak with one of our Florida mail fraud attorneys. You can call 407-634-6604 or visit our website to set up a consultation.

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