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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Florida Health Care Fraud Lawyer

Florida Health Care Fraud Lawyer

Health care fraud is a very common type of white collar crime, but that does not mean it is not taken very seriously in the eyes of the law. Health care fraud typically occurs in medical settings such as nursing homes and hospitals. The doctors and other healthcare professionals in these institutions often think that health care fraud involves intentionally defrauding government healthcare programs, such as Medicare. Unfortunately, even a small error can be considered fraud, and all types come with serious consequences. If you have been charged, our Florida health care fraud lawyer can help with your charges.


Under the Anti-Kickback statute, it is against the law for any healthcare provider to intentionally receive or offer funds from a federal healthcare program to lease, purchase, or procure a patient referral. While the law does stipulate that the act must be intentional, that is not always true. Even when a mistake was made, it could still result in criminal charges if federal funding programs are affected.

Incorrect Coding and Billing

Incorrect coding and billing is one of the most common types of health care fraud. This type of fraud includes billing for costs not applicable under a federal program, such as operating expenses, double-billing a federal healthcare program, and failing to bill at a bundled rate while instead choosing stand-alone rates inappropriately. If someone is convicted of this type of fraud, they will face a separate charge for every false claim. The penalties for each include a minimum fine of $21,000 and the institution will no longer be eligible for the federal program.

False Claims

There are many different types of health care fraud that fall under the term ‘false claims.’ Under the False Claims Act, it is against the law for anyone to intentionally make false claims when they apply to a federal health care program for reimbursement. This type of fraud can include illegal forms of remuneration, coding and billing errors, and more. A person found making false claims will face criminal and civil penalties.

Billing for Supplies, Services, or Equipment

There are two types of fraud that fall under billing for supplies, services, or equipment. The healthcare programs overseen by the federal government provide doctors with these supplies, services, and equipment so physicians can provide their patients with the best treatment possible. Sometimes, healthcare professionals bill for these supplies, services, or equipment when they are not used while other times, they will bill for these items when they are not necessary and when lower-cost options are available.

Healthcare Workers Need a Health Care Fraud Lawyer in Florida to Protect Their Rights

Being charged with any type of health care fraud is very serious, and you need the help of a Florida health care fraud lawyer that can help you beat the charges. At O’Mara Law Group, our knowledgeable attorneys know the laws surrounding healthcare, and the defenses that can help you beat the charges. Call us today at 407-634-6604 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our skilled attorneys.

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