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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Florida White Collar Crime Lawyer

Florida White Collar Crime Lawyer

Some people think that white collar crimes are not serious, but that is not true. White collar crimes do not typically involve violence, but due to the fact that they are committed for financial gain, they are certainly not victimless crimes. Some of the most common examples of white collar crimes are securities fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and insider trading. Being charged with any of these types of crimes is a very scary experience. Our Florida white collar crime lawyer explains the defenses available, and can give you the best chance of a positive outcome in your case.

Refuting the Arguments of the Prosecution

The federal prosecution will not usually take a case to trial unless they believe they have enough evidence to build a strong case against the defendant. However, this does not mean that every case the prosecution takes is ironclad. A Florida white collar crime lawyer will identify the errors or holes in the case of the prosecution to disprove the points of the prosecution. This often results in the charges being dismissed.

No Intent

The prosecution must prove two key elements of their case when they take a white collar case to trial. They must prove that a crime was committed, and that the defendant had the intention to commit the offense. In some cases, the person being charged made a simple mistake, and they may not have even benefited financially from that act. If the prosecution cannot prove these elements of the crime, the charges can be dismissed and the case can be thrown out of court.

No Knowledge

In most cases, not having knowledge that a certain act is a crime is not a defense. For example, a person cannot say that they did not know a certain act was a crime and use that as a defense. Still, when multiple parties are accused of being involved in the act, and some parties were included in the plan but did not know the plan was to commit a crime, that can serve as a defense.


Coercion occurs when a person is forced to commit a crime, and it can provide a valid defense to a white collar crime. For example, a person may be pressured to commit a crime under the threat of their family being hurt if they do not. That is a case of coercion and could provide a defendant with a valid defense.


Entrapment is similar to the defense of coercion, but there are differences. When entrapment is used as a defense, it is a member of law enforcement that coerced someone into committing a crime. Entrapment can only be used when the defendant would not have otherwise committed the crime without the pressure of a law enforcement official.

Our White Collar Crime Lawyer in Florida Can Provide Your Defense

White collar crimes are just as serious as any other federal offense, and you need sound legal representation from a Florida white collar crime lawyer. At O’Mara Law Group, our skilled attorney can provide that strong defense to give you the best chance of beating the charges. Call us today at 407-634-6604 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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