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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Drug Charge Defense > Is it Legal to Pick Up a Friend’s Prescription?

Is it Legal to Pick Up a Friend’s Prescription?

It is not uncommon for someone to be so sick or injured, they cannot physically go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription necessary to help with their condition. Some prescriptions though, such as opioids, Valium, and Tylenol with codeine are considered controlled substances. It is against the law to possess a prescription drug that has not been prescribed to you.

So, if a friend or family member asks you to pick up their prescription for them, is it against the law? No, it is not. However, there are some tips you should follow to ensure you do not get into trouble with the law.

It is Legal to Pick Up Prescriptions for Other People

It is not against the law to pick up a prescription for a friend or family member. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services states that pharmacists are to use their own discretion when determining if it is in the best interests of the patient to have someone else pick up their prescription.

When picking up the prescription, you may have to provide basic information, such as the patient’s name and date of birth, before the pharmacist gives you the drug. There is also no law or rule that states the patient has to call the pharmacy ahead of time to notify them that someone else will pick up their prescription.

How to Pick Up Someone Else’s Prescription Safely

While it is not against the law to pick up someone else’s prescription, that does not mean overzealous law enforcement will not use it against you. If you are pulled over for a traffic stop, such as speeding, a police officer may use the fact that you are in possession of someone else’s drugs as a reason to lay more charges. To avoid this from happening, follow the below tips:

  • Leave the medication in the container or bag provided by the pharmacy.
  • Keep the receipt from the pharmacy and make sure it remains with the prescription.
  • Leave the prescription in its box or bottle in its entirety. If you do not, there is no way to prove who the prescription is for, which could result in charges being laid.
  • Place the prescription somewhere out of sight, such as in the glove box or in your trunk. If the police officer does not see the prescription, it will be less likely to pose a problem.

When the above tips are not enough and you find yourself under arrest for simply doing a good deed, an Orlando criminal defense lawyer can help you beat the charges.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando Will Protect Your Rights

People find themselves facing charges every day, even when they are only trying to do the right thing. If you have been charged, our Orlando criminal defense lawyer at O’Mara Law Group will prepare the necessary defense to prove your innocence. Call us today at 407-634-6604 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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