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Orlando Civil Rights Lawyer

If you’ve picked up the newspaper or turned on the television recently, you know that sometimes cops shoot when they shouldn’t. You’ve probably also seen a lawyer representing the victim’s family leading the charge for justice. That’s because civil lawsuits and legal action are sometimes the best or only way to hold police officers accountable for their behavior and to force police departments to change their policies, procedures, training and protocols to better protect the civil rights of the people they are sworn to serve. Orlando civil rights lawyer Mark O’Mara and the O’Mara Law Group are dedicated and committed to leading the way to justice after unlawful use of force violations of arrestees and inmates.

The attorneys at the O’Mara Law Group provide sensitive, skilled representation in the face of civil rights violations by law enforcement, resulting in catastrophic injury or death.

Police officers are authorized to use reasonable force when making an arrest. They are also trained (or should be trained) to use as little force as necessary, or to avoid force altogether whenever possible. The unreasonable or unnecessary use of force is police brutality. It’s against the law, and victims can use the courts to seek compensation for their damages and hold bad cops accountable for their behavior.

Unfortunately, such brutality is a problem within in our correctional institutions as well. Detainees and inmates in correctional settings are at the mercy of jail employees while incarcerated and dependent on them for their safety. Too often, arrestees or inmates are subjected to unreasonable use of force by correctional officers and/or staff. In many circumstances such force can rise to cruel and unusual punishment. Some inmates have been known to be seriously injured or even killed while in custody.

In these unfortunate cases, civil action can bring the facts to light about what happened, bring justice and compensation to victims and their families, and ensure better practices are in place to protect others in the future.

A federal law found at 42 USC 1983 authorizes private persons to seek money damages from the government when they are deprived of their civil rights under the US Constitution or federal law by persons acting under “color of law.” Section 1983 claims are an important and powerful tool to redress civil rights violations, but they typically involve complex legal questions regarding issues such as “qualified immunity,” “state actors,” “clearly established rights,” “collateral estoppel” and “res judicata.” The O’Mara Law Group has the highly-qualified team necessary to build a strong case under section 1983 or other federal and Florida civil rights laws.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of brutality at the hands of law enforcement, contact the O’Mara Law Group for a free consultation regarding your potential claims against the government.

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