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Child Custody

When people come to us for criminal defense, it is usually during the worst time in their lives; they are worried, confused and stressed.

Before parents who have children can finalize a divorce, they will first need to make a determination–together–about who should have custody of their children. In some cases, reaching a custody arrangement is easy–both parents agree about what is best for them and the child(ren) in regards to time-sharing. In other cases, though, child custody is hotly contested and reaching an agreement feels impossible. In either event, working with a skilled Orlando child custody lawyer is recommended. Call the office of the O’Mara Law Group today for a consultation and information about your rights and options.

Forming a Parenting Plan in Orlando

If parents are unable to create a parenting plan together through collaboration and mediation, then they may need to turn to the court and ask a judge to make a determination about child custody. If the court makes the decision, it will do so based on the child’s best interests. The best interests of the child will be determined by the court after considering factors such as:

These factors, and others, can be found in Florida Statutes Section 61.13. 

Get Help in Your Child Custody Case

If you have questions about child custody, are worried about losing custody of your child, or aren’t sure how to proceed in your child custody case, call the O’Mara Law Group directly today for a consultation. Our Florida child custody lawyers have the experience and the drive that matters, and are committed to providing you with detailed, personalized attention. We know how challenging a child custody case can be – call our team today for the support you need.

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