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There is a popular consensus that white collar crimes result in little to no true punishment. However, this is far from the truth in most cases. One of the most common white collar crimes is fraud, of which there are many forms. Fraud charges may not only end with serious jail or prison time, but can also result in the loss of a professional license, heavy fines, and an inability to work in your field ever again. The financial penalties of fraud are far-reaching, and depending on the type of fraud and the amount of property stolen, fraud defendants may also be facing decades behind bars. The Orlando fraud defense lawyers of the O’Mara Law Group handle all types of fraud charges.

How is Fraud Committed?

Fraud is the use of criminal deception for monetary gain. Fraud can be as simple as taking someone’s credit card and purchasing a TV with it, and as complex as committing asset misappropriation by creating a fake reimbursement scheme or payroll scheme within a company. For all of the media attention and TV and movies that focus on bank robbery, for example, most theft in America occurs from fraud, not masked bandits. In fact, all robberies that took place in 2016 only amounted to a total loss of $464 million, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Compare that to the following, and it will quickly become apparent why fraud is being treated increasingly as a serious crime:

The fastest growing type of fraud is via Social Security numbers, which can be easily gleaned through email hacking or phone scams. Credit card information can quickly be stolen with sophisticated technology, or by simply picking an unsuspecting individual’s pocket. There are many ways to reach the end result when it comes to fraud, though the means by which the law was broken do have a great impact on the penalties. For example, using the U.S. mail system to commit fraud is a federal crime—offenses that carry serious prison time— whereas picking the pocket of someone and using their credit card is a state level crime and may not carry the same degree of punishment As such, if you have been accused of a fraud crime, you may be up against a large federal penalty for a relatively small amount of property that was allegedly taken.

Criminal Defense of All Types of Fraud Charges in Orlando

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