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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Florida Divorce > So You Think You’re Ready for a Divorce? Here’s What You Need to Know

So You Think You’re Ready for a Divorce? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re getting ready for a divorce, you might be feeling conflicted, confused, and maybe even a little crazy. After all, you’re probably experiencing more extreme emotions than you’ve ever felt in your life. The decision to get divorced is a huge one, and the process can take a while. You might find that you feel drained emotionally and even physically during this time. This is normal, but you might feel a bit overwhelmed as you learn to navigate the world of divorce proceedings. If you’re ready to begin the divorce process, there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

You need a lawyer

Don’t try to get divorced without a family lawyer in Orlando. Yes, you may have seen television dramas that feature divorcees who represent themselves in court, but this is real life, and it’s your future. You don’t want to mess with things by trying to represent yourself during this process. Get an attorney who will guide you and give you straight, real advice. An attorney will help you file for divorce and will also assist you with the division of assets and requesting child support and alimony.

People will share their opinions

Whether your friends and family liked your spouse or not, they’re going to tell you what you think about the divorce. This is going to happen whether you like it or not, so be ready to hear a lot of different opinions. Unfortunately, some people in your social circles may blame you for the divorce or may even look down on you for it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If you know that a divorce is the right choice for you, don’t let your friends or relatives make snide comments about it. Let them know that while they might disagree with you, they still have to treat you with respect.

You’re going to feel a lot of different emotions

There will be days when you feel so sad you won’t be able to think straight. There will be days when you feel like you’ve had a huge amount of weight lifted from your chest. There will be days when you’re happy, days when you’re mad, and days when you’re everything in between. This is all normal. Consider keeping a journal, finding a supportive friend who has gone through a divorce, or attending therapy sessions during this time. Make sure you have an outlet for your emotions so they don’t take over your life.

It’s going to be expensive

Divorce costs money. Unfortunately, no matter what your current financial situation is, it’s going to change. Even if you and your partner agree on the divorce, you’ll still have to pay paperwork and attorney fees. You may also have to pay alimony or child support to your spouse. Understand that while the cost might seem extreme, it’s part of the divorce process that will enable you to move forward with your life.

You’ll be okay

Even if everything feels like it’s really, really hard to deal with, remember that you’re going to be okay. This might be the most difficult thing you’ve ever gone through, but when it’s all over you’re going to be fine. Many adults get divorced each year and while the process can be lengthy and difficult, it will end eventually and you’ll find a new normal.

No matter what your reasons for divorcing your partner might be, it’s important to be as respectful and civil as possible during this time. Avoid treating your spouse poorly throughout the divorce proceedings and instead focus on getting each task done as quickly and easily as possible so that you can both go your separate ways.

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