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Tampa White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crime is different from street crime like robbery, assault, or rape. White collar crime typically involves nonviolent offenses involving financial transactions or attempted fraudulent schemes. Both the state and federal government have countless investigators constantly reviewing data to uncover white collar offenses. The penalties are severe, and prosecutors are not afraid to seek the maximum penalties.

If you are under investigation, or if you have been arrested, please contact O’Mara Law Group. Our Tampa white collar crime lawyers have decades of experience defending men and women facing these types of charges.

Defending Against White Collar Crime Charges

It is vital that all defendants decline to speak with investigators about the conduct giving rise to the criminal charges. Anything a defendant says can show up in court and lead to an easy conviction for the government. It is impossible to take back something, and investigators are skilled at putting pressure on suspects to get them to say something incriminating. Suspects should instead immediately contact an attorney, who can advise them about when to speak with investigators and what to say.

A suspect’s choice of attorney can make a big difference. Some attorneys only do criminal defense work on the side, or they focus mostly on violent crimes like assault and rape. But white collar charges are different.

A key part of any defense is protecting a suspect’s reputation. Even if you are ultimately cleared, negative media attention can follow a person around like a dark cloud. If you are a high-profile professional or business executive, then you must worry about the loss of professional standing along with the loss of a professional license.

Penalties for White Collar Crimes

Although white collar crimes are not violent, a conviction nonetheless can lead to serious penalties. The precise penalty will depend on the crimes charged, but many defendants will face some combination of:

  • Time in jail or prison
  • Fines
  • Restitution (paying back victims)

Even if a conviction does not lead to imprisonment, many defendants will need to complete community service and possibly house arrest.

Florida takes white collar crimes very seriously. The state has passed the White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act, found at Florida Statutes § 775.0844. This law provides for enhanced penalties if a person is a repeat offender. Something as simple as using a stolen credit card more than once can result in severe penalties.

Florida also recognizes that many white collar crimes target vulnerable populations, such as the elderly. It is entirely possible to face first-degree felony charges even for relatively small-scale crimes if senior citizens are among the victims.

Speak with the Tampa White Collar Crime Lawyers at O’Mara Law Group

The days following a visit from investigators can be disorientating. Fortunately, an investigation or even an indictment is not the same as a conviction. It is possible to fight back against unfair charges, but you need to reach out to a Tampa white collar crime attorney as soon as possible.

Contact O’Mara Law Group. Our team is fully prepared to fight for the dismissal of charges. We can also negotiate a plea deal or even represent clients in court. Mark O’Mara is a leading criminal defense attorney with extensive trial experience, and he or someone from his team will gladly meet for a confidential consultation.

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