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What rights do I have if stopped and pulled over?

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If you’re stopped or pulled over by a police officer, you may have many questions regarding what your rights are during the course of that interaction. The first piece of advice that we always give clients at the O’Mara Law Group is be respectful. An officer approaching your car can make you nervous. Always greet them with a smile, be compliant, give them your name if they ask for it. Always be compliant with a police officer as they’re approaching your car. They will likely ask you for your license and registration. We generally suggest that you comply with those requests. If you think that the stop is leading into some sort of a criminal investigation, you are allowed to ask for an attorney at any point, again, while still being respectful. You do not have to give police officers any additional information for the most part, other than your name, license, probably your registration as well. We always suggest that you get a lawyer on the phone as soon as possible. At the O’Mara Law Group, if you happen to call us once you have been pulled over, we can help you navigate the situation. We can let you know what your rights are in that particular situation. Occasionally, we can communicate with the officers on the scene to try to minimize any damage at that point. Again, we can keep you informed throughout the entire process of your rights at each point of the stop because those do change from the beginning of the stop to however that stop resolves itself.

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