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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Criminal Defense > How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney in Florida

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney in Florida


When you are accused of a wrongdoing, the first thing you need to do is to search for a reputable Orlando criminal defense attorney. Regardless of whether or not you have actually committed a criminal offense, getting an experienced legal advisor can help increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome for your case. Being adjudicated guilty of a crime in the state of Florida can have a huge impact on your life. Criminal records, particularly a felony conviction, can affect every aspect of your life including your ability to rent a home, get an education, obtain employment, and more.

Don’t Delay in Contacting a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are arrested, it’s always best to speak to a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Finding an attorney can take time, but there are a variety of things that your attorney may advise you to do to help impact the outcome of your case. For example, charges are drug or alcohol related, they may encourage you to enroll in a rehabilitation program. When selecting an attorney, there are a few things that you should take into consideration, including the following:

  • Select an attorney who has enthusiasm for the law. You don’t need a legal advisor who is simply carrying out their responsibility speaking to you. You need an attorney who is passionate about their work. Search for a lawyer who show interest in your case and will fight for you.
  • All experiences are not equivalent. An attorney who has years of experience practicing tax law, for example, is not equivalent to an attorney who has years of courtroom experience defending against criminal charges. Look for a legal advisor who has experience in defending cases like yours.
  • You need somebody who thoroughly reviews your case and resolution options with you in a way you understand. If your attorney puts pressure on you to make a decision without advising you of the repercussions of that decision, you should likely look into retaining another attorney.
  • There is always a bit of uncertainty in any criminal case. Your legal advisor can’t ensure a particular result in your case. However, you should choose a legal advisor that will set-up a solid case by preparing adequate defense(s) for you, as opposed to an attorney who creates unmanageable expectations.
  • An excellent attorney will have an excellent reputation. Ask your friends which lawyers they suggest. Indeed, even the best legal advisors have a couple of disappointed customers, yet you need somebody with more good recommendations than bad.
  • An experienced lawyer will likely cost more than one without as much experience. However, keep in mind that as with most things, you will probably get what you pay for.
  • You should select a lawyer who has courtroom experience and is not afraid to go to court and speak for you. Some attorneys will try to get you to take a plea deal for your charges. In some situations that may be the best option, however, your attorney should be willing to battle for you in court if need be.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Today

A good criminal defense attorney will explain all the legal process to you. The attorneys at O’Mara Law Group understand the intricacies of criminal law and will fight for the best possible outcome based on your individual case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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