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Federal crimes, including drug trafficking and white-collar crimes, can carry harsh penalties that include jail time. If you are facing federal charges, it’s critical to work with a trial attorney who has decades of experience navigating the federal court system.

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Content last updated on: April 3, 2024

Federal crimes include terrorism, kidnapping across state lines, mail fraud, other white collar crimes, and violent offenses. And because of its considerable resources and highly experienced prosecutors, the federal government typically pursues maximum punishments. The federal government generally does not bring charges against defendants unless it is confident that it will win. Like state cases, most federal cases never make it to court. Plea deals are accepted in 97 percent of federal cases, according to the New York Times. This means that you need an attorney that is both highly experienced in the courtroom should your case be heard in front of a jury, as well as a confident and shrewd negotiator to get the best plea bargain possible. When you go up against the federal government, you need an attorney who has been there and has emerged victorious. The Orlando federal crime lawyers of the O’Mara Law Group are equipped to handle your case.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates nine categories of offenses. These include the following:

Other federal law enforcement departments, such as the Immigration Customs Enforcement and Drug Enforcement Administration, specialize on other federal offenses, such as immigration crimes and narcotics offenses, including drug trafficking.

Common Federal Offenses

The most common federal offenses, according to the United States Sentencing Commission, for recent years are as follows:

Drug Crimes

Ever since the start of the “war on drugs,” hundreds of thousands of Americans have been put behind bars each and every year for everything from a small amount of marijuana, to large shipments of cocaine. While states prosecute most drug offenses, the federal government focuses on drug crimes that involve trafficking or very large quantities of possession. Being tried with a federal drug crime is almost always more serious than being tried at the state level.

White Collar Crimes Including Fraud

White collar crimes encompass dozens of offenses that are non-violent forms of theft. Typical white collar crimes include embezzlement (stealing from an employer), various forms of fraud, money laundering, insider trading, forgery, cybercrime, and identity theft. While it is true that violent forms of theft, such as robbery, typically receive lengthier prison sentences, white collar criminals are still treated seriously, and are often put behind bars for years.

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Nearly all state crimes, such as homicide, fraud, and drug possession, can be tried at the federal level. No matter what type of federal offense you have been arrested for, you need an orlando criminal defense attorney with the vast experience necessary to defend you. Reach out to the O’Mara Law Group at 407-413-882 in order to schedule a consultation with our Orlando federal crime lawyers today.

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