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About Our Firm

The O’Mara Law Group is a private law practice that takes pride in helping good people through difficult situations. As criminal defense attorneys, we help people accused of crimes navigate the justice system. As practitioners of family law, we help people sort through contentious family disputes. Through our trial consultancy work, we support great lawyers with our seasoned trial team. With our media management services, we help clients with high-profile legal issues affirmatively address the press to prevent media coverage from negatively affecting the case.

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Trial Consultants

You never know exactly what it is going to take to win a case until you have won it — so there is no such thing as “over-preparing.”

Conducting a legal case is like running a race when you do not know where the finish line is. You just have to go faster and further than the other side. In most cases, you can go the distance on your own; however, when the stakes are high, the other side has deep pockets and a team with diverse talents and experience, it is time to even out the playing field. That is when hiring a larger team not only makes sense, it may be what is required to zealously advocate for the client.

Managing a trial team is a unique challenge, and a high-stakes trial is no place for on-the-job training.

Our trial team has been baptized by fire. Everyone knows their job, everyone knows the goal and everyone acts in concert to support the trial attorneys so they can be their best. We have all been in high-stakes, high-pressure courtroom situations when seconds count, and that is when we do some of our best work. There is no substitute for having a cohesive, experienced trial team backing you up when you present your case. If you do not have a full trial team ready to go, we would like to introduce you to ours.

Speaking Engagements

Mark O’Mara is a dynamic and engaging speaker on matters related to the Criminal Justice System, Media Coverage of Justice Issues, Race and Justice, and Guns and Self-Defense. He speaks frequently to colleges and universities, he conducts law seminars on Criminal Law matters, Family Law matters and Trial Practice presentations, and presents at law enforcement conferences.

Below, you’ll find summaries of popular speaking topics:

Dynamic Jury Selection

Dynamic Jury Selection is the process we use, not just to pick a jury, but to prepare a jury specifically for the case at hand. It is built on a philosophy that a jury is not just an assemblage of individuals, but rather a cohesive unit prepared by the trial lawyer to perform a very important duty. A jury selected this way gives you a head start on presenting your case to a willing and attuned audience.

An indispensable part of dynamic jury selection is social media jury investigations. Many potential jurors reveal significant details about their lives online, and those details are often very helpful to a trial lawyer who wants to get the most out of every question.

In April 2014, the ABA issued Formal Opinion 466 in which they determined that social media investigation during jury selection is ethical — provided lawyers don’t make any attempt to contact or engage potential jurors online. We have found that social media investigations gives lawyers more confidence in their decisions when selecting a jury. As a result, jury selections go faster, there are more substantiated cause strikes, and fewer peremptory strikes are wasted. Social media investigations are, however, labor intensive, and it requires a well-defined workflow to quickly identify actionable information and to deliver this information to the trial only when they need it. This presentation covers the benefits and pitfalls of social media jury selections, and identifies best practices that all is to be practical and effective.

The Use of Social Media as an Integral Element of your Case

The Zimmerman case saw the first active use of social media by a defense team in a high-profile legal case. The decision to create an online presence for the defense (which consisted of a website, Twitter account, and a page on Facebook) was, at first, driven by the need to manage the intense media scrutiny. However, by the time of the verdict, the social media campaign had proven effective for managing the attorney’s reputation; avoiding crises; raising funds; selecting a jury; informing trial strategy; and, perhaps most importantly, distinguishing the complicated legal issues from the critical social issues surrounding the case: race, guns, and self-defense. We explore the decision to use social media, how we crafted our social media policy, and we’ll identify specific examples of how the social media campaign directly affected the case.

Managing the Media In High-profile Cases

Once the press takes an interest in a case, the rules change. Whether they’ll admit it or not — counselors and witnesses, judges and juries behave differently when there are reporters sitting in the courtroom. This presentation explores the ethical considerations involved with the decision to address the press; it illustrates decisions every lawyer should contemplate while drafting a media policy; and it provides practical advice for any lawyer who is approached by the press.

The Zen of Zealous Advocacy

The term “zealous advocacy,” as Mark has come to regard it, is a composite of vigilance and creativity, of tenacity and balance. The Zen of Zealous advocacy is the constant awareness and exemplification of these qualities, and the intuition required to keep these qualities in alignment. This presentation is an examination of the most extraordinary legal issues we faced and an explanation of what each issue taught us about the nature of zealous advocacy.

The Art of Cross Examination

This program focuses on the particularly important task of using cross examination to prove your case and to disprove the opponent’s. While there are hundreds of books and seminars on traditional cross, we start with the premise that, like the rest of your presentation at trial, cross examination has to fit in the context of your overall theme of the case. Cross must also be very issue or witness specific: there is no cross technique appropriate for all circumstances. We do identify some guidelines for knowing how and when to use ‘friendly’ cross and aggressive cross.

We also offer a program specific to excelling at cross examination of Expert Witnesses.

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