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Women face unique challenges in a divorce. Fortunately, a women’s divorce attorney from the O’Mara Law Group can provide you with expert representation to ensure your rights — and needs — are being met.

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Content last updated on: April 3, 2024

After a divorce, women often face reduced income and increased childcare responsibilities at higher rates than men. The skilled women’s divorce attorneys at the O’Mara Law Group provide dedicated representation to help you understand your rights when going through a divorce in Florida.

Divorce can also have significant financial impacts for women, particularly if they are a stay-at-home-mom navigating a divorce with little to no income. A study revealed that women experienced a 45 percent drop in their standard of living after a divorce; In the same time frame, men only experienced a 25 percent drop.

As a woman heading into a divorce, skilled legal assistance is paramount if you want a favorable outcome. The experienced divorce lawyers in Orlando, Florida at the O’Mara Law Group can be your trusted allies.

We’ll guide you through divorce proceedings, such as division of property, alimony, parenting, searching for a child custody lawyer, navigating child support, and handling post-divorce modifications and mediation. Contact us for experienced representation.

Why work with a women’s divorce attorney from the O’Mara Law Group?

  • Our founding attorney, Mark O’Mara, is a Supreme Court Certified family mediator board-certified in marital and family law by the Florida Bar with extensive experience in handling complex divorce cases.
  • Mark Rabinowitz has been Board Certified in Marital and Family Law in Florida since 1999. He has served on the Marital and Family Law Certification Committee of The Florida Bar, and has served as a member of the Family Law Rules Committee.
  • O’Mara attorneys are consistently top-rated by Super Lawyers and Top 100 Trial Lawyers thanks to our decades of experience helping women secure their financial futures.
  • We advocate for our clients, and their testimonials speak to the unparalleled client satisfaction we provide.
  • We are skilled negotiators and fierce advocates in the courtroom with decades of experience. We will work tirelessly for you and take a compassionate approach in handling your divorce process.

Going through a divorce may be one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging experiences of your life. Often, you have to make tough decisions that will affect your life years down the line. This is not a journey you want to embark on alone, and you don’t have to. Our skilled attorneys are ready to take on your case and help you get through this.

Let an Experienced Women's Divorce Lawyer Help You Navigate the Process

Dissolution of marriage is only element of divorce proceedings. There are other aspects to take into account, especially if children are involved:

  • Alimony – The goal in awarding alimony is to give the receiving spouse a similar standard of living as they had before the divorce. The court can mandate any spouse to pay alimony. An alimony lawyer in Orlando can help you protect your financial interest following a divorce.
  • Child Support – Florida law aims to fairly divide child-rearing responsibilities between parties, although the outcome in real-life situations may differ. A child support lawyer will guide you to ensure you get a favorable outcome.
  • Division of Marital Property –  The court will seek to divide the property fairly and equitably, taking the spouses’ circumstances into account. An attorney can help you take stock of all marital property to ensure you get a fair share and assist you in keeping the assets that are most important to you.
  • Creating a Parenting Plan – A parenting plan is a detailed arrangement of how parties will share parental responsibilities and decision-making, including who the child stays with at particular times. If parties are unable to agree on a parenting plan, the court may have to intervene.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications – Post-divorce modifications may be necessary as circumstances change. You can approach the court and request adjustments to child support, child support, or parenting time. Our experienced women’s divorce lawyers in Florida can help with post-divorce modifications requests.

How does divorce work for women in Florida?

Step 1: Filing a Petition

A divorce proceeding starts by filling a petition in a circuit court which includes the statement that the marriage has become “irretrievably broken.”

Step 2: Answering a Petition

The respondent has 20 days after receiving the petition to file an answer. The answer may include a counter-petition. If there’s a counter-petition, the petitioner has 20 days to respond.

Step 3: Discovery

This process involves collecting and exchanging information. There are also mandatory disclosures, such as:

  • Proof of income
  • Income tax returns
  • Bank account statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Retirement account statements
  • Other account statements that reflect debt

Step 4: Negotiation of Terms

Courts encourage parties to go through mediation to resolve the issues and reach an agreement. Couples can agree on alimony property division and other important terms.

Step 5: Parties Agree on a Parenting Plan

Courts encourage parties to go through mediation to resolve the issues and reach an agreement. Couples can agree on alimony property division and other important terms. When children are involved, spouses may agree on how they will split parental responsibilities, time sharing and decision-making.

Step 6 (As Needed): Trial

If spouses are unable to agree on the terms, the divorce will proceed to trial before a judge.

Step 7: Finalizing the Divorce

If parties agree on the terms they can present the terms for the court to finalize. Otherwise, the court will hand over judgment.

How much does a women’s divorce lawyer in Florida cost?

There is no fixed lawyer divorce cost. Many factors go into determining the cost, such as whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

What are some of the unique challenges that women face during divorce?

Women face unique challenges in a divorce that frequently make separation more difficult:

  • They may not have enough money to hire a divorce attorney, especially if they are a homemaker
  • They may be unaware of their spouse’s financial situation and their marital assets
  • If they are the primary caretaker, their primary concern is their children’s welfare
  • They may face financial difficulties if the spouse stops paying alimony and child support

What are women's rights in a divorce?

The following is an overview of divorce-related rights in the State of Florida.

Child Support in Florida

Where the woman is the custodial parent, they have a right to receive child support from their spouse. Florida laws allow child support for children less than 18 years of age, but there can be exceptions to accommodate older children. Florida Statutes section 61.30 and 61.13 provides the guidelines.

Alimony in Florida

Awarding alimony in divorce is not automatic, and any spouse may be awarded alimony based on their financial circumstances. Florida laws allow the court to take adultery into consideration in determining the amount of money to award in alimony.

Hire an Experienced Women’s Divorce Lawyer from the O’Mara Law Group

The divorce process is usually emotionally intense, even for an uncontested divorce. The decisions you make and the success or otherwise of your case can dictate your life for years. But, it may be difficult to make the right decisions without help.

Our skilled Orlando women’s divorce attorneys offer experienced and compassionate representation in divorce cases. We put you first in our representation, and we will fiercely defend your case to ensure you get the results you deserve. Contact the O’Mara Law Group for experienced representation.

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