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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Criminal Defense > Should You Take a Lie Detector Test when Proving Your Innocence?

Should You Take a Lie Detector Test when Proving Your Innocence?

When you have been charged with domestic violence, burglary, or another criminal offense, you will do anything to prove your innocence. The prospect of jail time is very scary for most people, and no one wants a permanent criminal record following them around for the rest of their life. You will likely want to do anything to prove your innocence, including taking a lie detector test. Although this is sometimes beneficial, there is a lot to know about these tests, including when you should never take one.

How Do Lie Detector Tests Take?

Also known as polygraph tests,  lie detector tests measure certain reactions in the body as the subject answers questions. If you take a lie detector test, you will be hooked up to a machine and will have to answer questions asked by the person administering the test. Usually, only you and the test administrator are in the room. The administrator will start by asking very basic questions about your name, age, and address to get a baseline for the test. They will then ask you questions about the alleged crime and compare those results with the baseline.

Polygraph results are not admissible in court. Still, you may want to take one to prove that you are innocent. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it could actually end up hurting your case rather than helping it.

Should You Ask for a Lie Detector Test?

Again, many people will do anything to prove their innocence after being charged with a crime, and you may be tempted to volunteer to take a lie detector test. You may even do this at the police station, while an officer is interrogating you. You do have the right to ask for a lie detector test, but this should never be done at the police station. The only time you should submit to a lie detector test is when your Orlando criminal defense lawyer hires an independent examiner and administers the test in a neutral setting.

Still, it is not generally advised that you take a lie detector test. Any type of interrogation is going to cause you some degree of stress. Your heart may start to pound, your pulse may increase, and you may start to perspire more. All of these are reactions a polygraph will detect, and they will help prove your guilt rather than your innocence.

A police officer or prosecutor may use those results then to convince you to plead guilty or plead to a lesser charge. It will not matter that the very act of taking a polygraph test was the cause of your stress, and not the fact that you are guilty of any crime. Any time you want to take a lie detector test, or an officer asks you to take one, you should always speak to a criminal defense lawyer before doing so.

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