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Will I find out what evidence the state has against me?

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So, in Florida, if you have been arrested for a criminal offense, Florida is what’s called an open discovery state. What that means to you is that you will get every single piece of evidence that the state has that they believe is evidence of a crime that you have committed. Here in Florida, a lot of times that means perhaps witness statements, body camera video, surveillance video, any number of things. Dash cam video could play into it. Again, in Florida, there’s never gonna be a gotcha moment when you’re in trial. You are gonna get all of that information from the state attorney well before a trial ever ensues. So that’s really helpful to know what people are looking at, and it helps us to inform our clients of perhaps weak spots in the state’s case, and then build up our case. Review of the state’s discovery, everything that they have, build up your best case, based on the evidence that the state has. The biggest benefit of Florida being an open discovery state is that we get all of the discovery in your case, we get it well before a trial, we have the opportunity to go through everything, whether that be a body camera video, surveillance video, witness statements. We get the chance to go over it with you as the client and build your case up to its best potential.

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