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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Marital Agreements > Are Prenuptial Agreements Really Necessary, and Can I Use a Regular Family Lawyer?

Are Prenuptial Agreements Really Necessary, and Can I Use a Regular Family Lawyer?

Compassion plays a major role in the ease of a transition in family dynamics. The O’Mara Law Group practices compassion, consistency and effective representation. Whether you are looking for a simple consultation for legal advice, or full-on representation to see you through your next chapter, it is imperative that you feel confident and comfortable with the direction you are going. The O’Mara Law Group does not just see you through the difficult time, or in the case of a prenup, a new, exciting chapter; we carry you through it, all while securing you and your family’s future.

Mark O’Mara, a Family Lawyer in Orlando, is Board Certified in Marital & Family Law. With less than 275 lawyers with that distinction in the entire state of Florida, Mark O’Mara brings vital experience and expertise to the table. Requiring further education, extensive testing and trial experience to be double, board certified in these areas, both judges and prominent attorneys weigh in on whether a candidate is qualified. Mark has served as President for the Central Florida Family Law Inn of Court and President of the Seminole County Bar Association. Surpassing expectations as a leading Orlando Prenuptial Agreements Attorney, Mark O’Mara is known for his vast repertoire of techniques and knowledge of the law to maintain high client satisfaction. Equipped with knowledge, and empowered with the tools to expedite closure to the degree of peaceful and fair resolution, the O’Mara Law Group can restore balance in your family as best as possible. Chief ingredients in the success and proficiency of securing the future for you and your family: nothing is held higher than knowledge of the law, and the experience in using it in matters such as these. Mark O’Mara and his staff excel in competency and rapport with clientele. Establishing a relationship from the moment of consultation, all the way through to the resolution, the O’Mara Law Group can restore your hopes, reinstate confidence and rests assure your security in tomorrow.

Are Prenuptials Really Necessary?

It may seem skeptical or negative to think about a divorce when you’re in the thralls of bliss and love. However, both in business and love, it is essential to your sustainability to consider the what may come if things were to not work out. In business, we seek to protect our assets, our investments, right? The same caution is to be applied in all of your relationships. It may not be romantic to begin the discussion of prenuptial agreements with your loved one, but it is necessary.

Prenuptial agreements are not just to assure original assets return to the original owner should there be a divorce; they also help prevent any surprises in court should this occur. A prenuptial agreement is not just for high-end celebrities or those with elite financial statuses. Prenuptial agreements are for everyone who is entering into a legal partnership; marriage. What is wonderful about these legal agreements is that they can consist of whatever the parties desire, outside of child visitation and child support. Prenuptials take the guessing out of the game, and give each person the security in knowing where they stand should things fall apart.

It is natural to feel inhibited about this type of discussion, so whether you seek representation after the initiated conversation, before you have one, or during the conversation, know that the O’Mara Law Group can take the heat out of the much-needed discussion. We know how this can affect your life, your loved one, and your future. There is a lot at stake, and you want this process to go as smoothly as possible, without causing any friction in your relationship. Practicing integrity and compassion, the O’Mara Law Group reveres the sensitivity of this delicate situation, and assures that all parties can move forward with confidence, security and a smile on their face. We understand that this is your life, your family, your heart; your future. We take a vested interest in your desires and the well-being for all parties involved.

It is not about finding an attorney for your situation —- whatever your situation may be. It is about finding the right attorney for you and your case. We’ll stand up for you and your interests, and we’ll work hard to see that you get the outcome that meets your needs. Schedule a consult today.

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