Sexual Crimes and the Law

Sex offender; it’s a generic term that covers a wide variety of criminal involvement in any sex crime act. But its effect can be devastating. Sex offenders are traditionally required to register with local governments and become branded by societal perceptions. Not only are the cases significant and dangerous, the public view of such cases, even just the allegations of such misconduct, can ruin a career, a friendship, or a marriage. Headlines of news media outlets and social media outlets strategically create frenzy to attract readers. Once the ball gets rolling, most people don’t even care to read the facts or check them. While the term sex offender covers a wide range of criminal activity, when headlines read Sex Offender or Sex Crimes, much is left to the imagination of the public. Although the article may articulate a more in-depth look into the case, the catchy headline is all many readers will read before they form an opinion and spread the news.

There are many different kinds of sex crimes, and while society is politically divided, any such story receives almost universal response: guilty until proven innocent. Child Pornography has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of decades, and it is common for the accused to receive a sentence of incarceration. This is not exclusive to those guilty of circulating and originating the child pornography itself either; this includes those accused of accessing the child pornography. Society is not the only party that has become more scrutinizing and involved; policymakers have approached sex crimes in a manner that represents a “get tough” approach to punishment for all sex crimes, including transnational sex crimes, as they greatly impact an even larger perspective (Mears, et al. 2008). Orlando sex crimes lawyer, Mark O’Mara, is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist. With experience and expertise, you can entrust your future and your reputation to representation that is proficient in the best outcome. No criminal charges for sex crimes should be taken lightly; the impact of the accusation alone can be detrimental. Having the best criminal defense attorneys in Orlando work together to shape the media’s perspective inside and outside of the courtroom is essential in regaining your footing where your reputation is concerned, in addition to securing your future.

While policymakers have cracked down on the sentencing for sex crimes, especially those involving children, less attention has been given to how those sentenced are being treated. Society decides before a judge and jury whether or not a person is guilty. Even when proven in a court of law that a person is not guilty or acquitted, society still condemns. Let’s face it; if your attorney is not working to control the perception of the public just as much as they are concerned with what goes on in the courtroom, then your reputation may never recover (Mears, et al., 2008).

Criminal charges for Sex Crimes are not just about the crime itself; it is also about politics and public perception. If your legal representation is not addressing all of these factors, then you could be damaging your and your family’s reputation. At O’Mara Law Group in Orlando, all these factors are addressed in their strategic approach to your defense.


Mears, D., Mancini, C., & Gertz, M., Bratton, J., (2008, October). Sex Crimes, Children, and Pornography Public Views and Public Policy. Crime & Delinquency, 54(4), 1-28. sage journals.


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