Three Things You May Not Know About Parallel Parenting

After divorce, it is not always easy for the two parties to communicate with each other. This is particularly true when children are involved. Child custody pick-up and drop-offs that occur after a divorce sometimes lead to heated exchanges between the two parents, and these are detrimental to not only the former spouses, but the children, as well. In these instances, parallel parenting is sometimes the best solution.

Parallel parenting allows former spouses to parent their children together without actually communicating face-to-face. Parents can text or email each other, so they do not have to see each other and enter into a situation that is likely going to end in conflict. Parallel parenting allows both parents to remain active in their child’s life without having to speak to each other. If you have gotten a divorce that involves children, below are three things you may not know about parallel parenting.

Parallel Parenting Can Be Temporary

Immediately following your divorce, you may not be able to co-parent effectively with your spouse. When you drop your children off or pick them up, you may find that you always get into an argument with your former spouse. Parallel parenting can help during the transition from immediately post-divorce to further down the road, when you and your former spouse may be better able to communicate.

However, you will have to create a parenting plan, which can make it feel very permanent. Fortunately, that is not always the case. Even when a plan is in place, arrangements can change in the future, so it is important to remember it does not have to be permanent.

Parallel Parenting Benefits Parents

Sometimes, the hardest thing after divorce is to communicate with your former spouse. When parallel parenting, there is not the need for instant feedback, which can greatly mitigate conflict. You have time to step back from the situation, consider what you want, and think about how you want to say it. This is known as asynchronous communication, which is particularly helpful when emotions are running high and there is an increased risk of conflict.

Parallel Parenting Benefits the Children

There are two main benefits parallel parenting brings to the kids. The first is that they are not exposed to regular conflict, which is particularly damaging for them. The second is that they are able to continue a loving and close relationship with each parent, without worrying that they are making the other feel bad. All of this is much healthier for children and can help them get through the divorce process much easier.

Our Family Lawyer in Orlando Can Help You Create a Plan

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