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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Family > Three Issues You May Face as a Stepparent

Three Issues You May Face as a Stepparent

People get divorced for many reasons. One of these is when there is a conflict between a stepparent and a stepchild that is so serious, it affects the entire family. Although every family unit is different, there are three common issues that occur between stepparents and stepchildren. Knowing what these issues are can help you modify your behavior while creating a more positive environment for your child.

Stepchild Feels You Treat Biological Children Differently

Whether a reality or a matter of perception, it is not uncommon for stepchildren to feel as though their stepparent treats their biological children differently. Stepchildren sometimes believe their stepparent favors their biological children and this can lead to a great amount of tension and conflict in the household. In these situations, conflict often arises between the stepchildren and the biological children, and it could also affect your relationship with your spouse.

To avoid any perceived favoritism, it is important that all children in the home are required to follow the same rules. When the rules are broken, the disciplinary actions should also be the same for all children. Also, make sure to spend equal time with each child and to let them know they are unique and that you love spending time with them.

You Feel as Though Your Stepchild Does Not Respect You

Again, whether perceived or a reality, you may feel as though your stepchild does not give you the proper respect because you are not their biological parent. If this situation is not resolved, it can lead to feelings of hostility and resentment. Sit down with your stepchild and let them know you do not intend to try and replace their biological parent. Also tell them you only want to be there for them as much as possible. Simply acknowledging their fears about the role you will play in their life is a great first step in creating a harmonious relationship.

Badmouthing the Biological Parent

No matter how mature you believe your stepchild is, it is important that you never badmouth the child’s biological parent at any time. Doing so can make the child feel anxious, confused, and resentful. Although you may not intend to undermine the relationship between the child and their parent, the child may feel as though you are.

If you do have disputes with the biological parent, arrange a time to meet with them to discuss the issue, or do so over text. Never bring up conflict at child custody pick-ups or drop-offs, so the child is not exposed to it. Always keep your issues with the other party separate from their relationship with their child.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Orlando Can Help You Through Difficult Times

Even if you do have conflict with your spouse, the above tips can still help you maintain a relationship with your stepchild afterwards. At O’Mara Law Group, our Orlando family lawyer can help with the most challenging family law issues and give you the best chance of a successful outcome. Call us today at 407-634-6604 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.




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