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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > Contested Divorce > What You Need to Know About Going Through a Divorce as a Stay at Home Mom

What You Need to Know About Going Through a Divorce as a Stay at Home Mom


According to recent studies, the number of married women that are choosing to leave the workforce to stay at home with their children is on the rise. Some twenty-nine percent (29%) of American mothers stay home. When making this decision, parents typically spend a lot of time weighing the ups and downs of the decision, but when doing so, they aren’t usually considering the possibility of divorce. Here is what stay at home moms need to know if they are facing divorce:

  • Stay at home moms can be at a disadvantage during the divorce. Because most couples split any assets that they accrued during their marriage, many stay at home moms are at a disadvantage. They likely earned minimal income during the marriage, which can have a huge impact when it is time to dissolve the marriage. Funds are often not available for the mom to move out and find her own place during the divorce proceedings.
  • Lifestyle changes are often required after the divorce. Many women choose to stay home for personal reasons. It is a value and lifestyle that they enjoy, but that same lifestyle isn’t suitable after a divorce. They will likely have to go back to work, but because they’ve likely had a large gap in their career, finding work may be challenging.
  • You may need to pay for things during the divorce. It is likely that your spouse will be required to continue to pay the mortgage or rent, as well as other bills so that marital assets aren’t lost. Your spouse may be ordered to pay you some type of temporary allowance so that you can continue to take care of the children and buy them necessities. However, the judge will likely want you to start trying to gain employment to judge your employability, and so that you can start taking on some of the responsibility of the bills on your own.
  • Create a plan for after the divorce. You will need to start planning now how much it will cost you to live on your own. This should include rent, water, groceries, utilities, and more. You should also include expenses for your children such as dentist and doctor visits, school costs, clothing, and more. This will give you a realistic idea of what you will need to survive without your spouse’s income but will also help your attorney determine necessary spousal support payments.

Work with an Attorney You Can Trust 

Another important part of going through a divorce as a stay at home mom is finding an attorney that is experienced, understands your needs, and will advocate for your rights. An experienced attorney should make sure that you get the support you need to care for you and your children, as well as ensure you get a secure start for your new life.

The idea of divorce is not easy for anyone but can be particularly intimidating for a stay at home mother who hasn’t been part of the workforce for a long time. The Orlando contested divorce attorneys at O’Mara Law Group will help guide you through the process and ensure that this new chapter of your life gets off to a good start. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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