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Orlando Criminal Attorney > Blog > General Legal Opinion > Why Would I Need to Hire an Attorney?

Why Would I Need to Hire an Attorney?

There are many reasons why you would need to hire an attorney. The fact of the matter is that before the need for an attorney arises, most people do not consider that they would ever need one in their situation. Believe it or not, a large percentage of small businesses are family businesses. Even if one family member runs the business, the business decisions are influenced by the other family members that may or may not participate in the business. With this business model, conflicts can, and usually do arise. There are different business formats that can help shape and structure a family business; however, an FLP, or Family Limited Partnership, can greatly help in clearly defining lines within the company structure. The process of deciding where the lines are drawn for responsibility, income distribution, the rights to income, the business objectives, appreciation, and of course, the distribution of control over assets and the business operations, are all things that need to be clearly defined and agreed upon. Some may think that because they are starting a business with family that there would not be a need for an attorney; however, it is essential to have legal representation. An attorney can help oversee the process when initially establishing these guidelines, in addition, to helping in the event that those lines are crossed. Families tend to be emotional, which is natural. Everyone has a personal interest, a stake in the situation…even if they do not have a stake in a family business. This applies to matters outside of a family business as well. A casual, yet solid agreement for one family member to purchase a vehicle to help another family member out with a lenient repayment plan can easily cause conflict within a family. The O’Mara Law Group can provide a criminal and family lawyer in Orlando for those that seek to protect their assets and interests.

Many couples think that when both parties agree to split in a relationship, and things start off amicably, that there will not be a need for an attorney. It is incredibly important to bring in lawyers at the beginning of the split. It is good to openly talk with your partner about your desires moving forward, and it is wonderful when both parties agree upon decisions; however, divorce and custody lawyers in Orlando, FL at The O’Mara Law Group have experience in this arena, and it is essential to have legal representation during this process. Divorce is emotional, and even the smoothest of divorces have complications. An attorney helps to keep the ball rolling, and in a positive direction. Legal representation literally irons out the details that you and your former spouse have mutually agreed upon without hiccups.

Mark O’Mara seeks to come into a situation and assure the client that he has gone through this process a million times, and even the most difficult scenarios you could think of, he has experienced before. This assurance has a calming effect on clients, and has proven to be a stress reliever for clientele. The O’Mara Law Group takes the emotion out of the divorce, and at the same time they are able to give their clients their desired results. It would be smart to think about the divorce before the marriage becomes legal as well. Many people do not agree with this statement, however, 50% of marriages end in divorce. If it is a subsequent marriage, the divorce rate is even higher than that. Enlisting the services of an attorney to draw up a prenuptial agreement at the beginning of a new partnership is more commonly done today because of the high divorce rates. Also, it is more commonly accepted as people tend to recognize that this protects both parties’ interests should a split occur. Just as you must protect yourself in business, a marriage is a legal partnership, and should the partnership split, it could be detrimental to either party. Hiring an attorney to see you through the entire process is a smart decision. The O’Mara Law Group and Mark O’Mara feel strongly about helping good people through difficult times with effective legal counsel.

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