Florida Child Support Payments Factors

Child support is meant to pay for the essential needs of a child such as food, shelter, utilities, and more. The parent with primary residential custody is typically the parent awarded child support, which leaves the paying parent wondering how the child support amount is determined. For more specific guidance, speak with a child support attorney.

Factors that May Determine Child Support Payments in Florida

How Are Child Support Payments Calculated?

After the net income of both parents is evaluated, the court will also take into consideration the number of children. The court will then use the state’s Child Support Guidelines to determine the percentage that each parent is required to contribute from their income.

If you live in the Lakeland, Florida area, contact a Lakeland child support lawyer for additional help with your case.

What If I Can't Pay Child Support?

If you are unable to pay child support in Florida, it is important to contact your local child support enforcement office. They can work with you to develop a payment plan that is based on your financial situation. Additionally, they may be able to modify the amount you owe if your situation changes. It is important to seek out help and not ignore the debt, as failure to pay child support can result in serious consequences.

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When it comes to child custody and support, the most important thing the court will take into consideration is what they believe to be the best interests of the child. Regardless of any disputes, you may have with your ex, the court will expect you to put everything aside in order to take care of your child. If you are facing child custody or support issues, you need the guidance of the Orlando family attorneys at O’Mara Law Group. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.


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